Day 3 - squatting at the surfside yacht club

July 19th we woke up in the choppy west bay. We hopped back into barge traffic in the ICW and headed to Freeport. The depthsounder seemed a lot more stable, the problem was probably some debris or seaweed stuck to it. It only took a couple of hours to get to Surfside where we slipped into the yacht club.

After trying a few spots we tie off on the end of a dock next to the boat "Blow me". The dock was caving in or something which is probably why the spot was available. There were not to many people around, which made it easy to not be suspicious.

There were more spots in the back next to some derelict boats, but the spot was fenced off from the rest of the yacht club.

We went on shore to get a feel for the place. I felt a lot more suspect here, but we ordered a burger at the little cafe and used the lavatories and got no trouble from the yuppies. We strung up a tarp over the boom for shade and took a nice nap in the shade with a nice breeze.

The fuel dock was out of gasoline so we had to hike to the nearest gas station over the surfside bridge. However we immediately got a ride when we got on the road. People usually know what's up when they see you on the side of the road with a gas can. We ate a $3 dinner at the Valero, 2 hotdogs and a fountain drink.

Back at the dock we discovered the water, electricity hook-ups. We took full advantage of the facilities to prepare for breaking out into the ocean the next day.


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